Opening times:

Every day of the week between 11:30-21:00

We offer daily 2 soups, 8-10 different main courses, side dishes, salad and dessert bars

Our story

Kocsis Restaurant

We are the third generation of gastronomers.
We have built our restaurant in 1991 and running it ever since but our roots go back to the dawn of the 1900's.

Previous to our current location, in 1973 our grandmother has opened the first privatly owned Gastro pub in the region, in Szőny area of the town.

Stopping by us?

Make a reservation. We speak Hungarian, German and English.

We suggest booking a table at us, especially at luncgh time and weekends, as we cannot guarantee seating without reservation at busy times.

Call us at: +36-34-342-400 between the hours of 10:00-21:00 daily

Group reservations: