Kocsis Vendéglő

We are the third generation of gastronomers.
We have built our restaurant in 1991 and running it ever since but our roots go back to the dawn of the 1900's.

Previous to our current location, in 1973 our grandmother has opened the first privatly owned Gastro pub in the region, in Szőny area of the town.

Our great-great grandmother was a chef on a boat owned by Mr Miklós Horthy in the early 1900's, where she dazzled the prominents of the time with her fantastic dishes.

Paying attention to localy sourced ingreedients and great taste has been past down from generations to generations; may even have been carved into our DNA.

That small Gastro pub has grown with years, in the 1980 we started selling alcohol as well. The more guests we had, the more the demand grew for quality. Lots of the locals still remember those great team parties, New Years Eve parties etc we had there with live bands, and great atmosphere.

Nowdays we have an open buffet, where for a set price one can dine unlimited for a maximum of 2 hours. You can choose from 2 different soups, a wide wariety of main dishes and sides, salad bar and dessert bar.